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    • If The Emmys Were Tomorrow
      Matthew anzalone

      Mrs maisel, Will and grace, and Russian doll in comedy This is us and pose in drama Sharp objects

      no one

      The hanging episodes alone for Handmaid's Tale merit noms for series, directing, writing, actress, supporting actress, supporting actress, supporting actress, supporting actor, guest actress, and guest actor

      Started by:  Heptapod

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    • You're the Worst FINAL season

      The premiere episode was really sweet and very funny, but I'm excited to get the first episode back


      I Thought episode 5 was really great with Jimmy eating his cum yikes haha, however the 'fuck week' episode was a standout, Cash was phenomenal, I am wondering if that is what caused last weeks episode and this weeks flashfowards.

      Started by:  Marco B.

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    • 2019 Emmy Predictions (Part 3)

      I don’t think The Handmaid’s Tale will get that many acting nominations again unless the show im


      [quote quote=1202781410] That is completely untrue, some people just repeat the same nonsense over and over again, like “she was just crying and yelling”, well she DID NOT, that was just in the first two episodes, and even then, this is a very di

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      Started by:  Eden

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    • 2019 Emmy Awards- Comedy Categories

      I am rooting for Schitt's Creek in Comedy, Lead Actress and Lead Actor and Supporting Actor. Jenife


      The Kominsky Method is an easy call for me. The Good Place could not even get a nomination from the Casting Society in the returning-comedy category over Better Things, Dear White People, Grace and Frankie and Insecure. It also has never gotten a D

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      Started by:  gabarnes43

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    • TRUE DETECTIVE: Season 3

      Of course I would love to see Carrie Coon in this, alongside Mahershala Ali, but of course it won't


      I'm enjoying this season overall, particularly the last two episodes, but it's nowhere near the highs of the first one. This one just has a mystery storyline and that's it—nothing more. The performances are fine; Ali obviously is the standout only

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      Started by:  Atypical

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    • ALL THAT is Returning to Nickelodeon!

      This could either go really well....or flop hard. Like all I keep thinking is "will a skit like Ask


      [quote quote=1202780946]At the Writers Guild Awards last night, Kenan Thompson revealed to Page Six of the New York Post that Kel Mitchell will be making an appearance on the revival. http://pagesix.com/2019/02/18/kenan-thompson-confirms-kel-mitchel

      Started by:  Jeffrey Kare

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    • BAFTA TV Awards 2019 Predictions

      I heard the Patrick Melrose finale was actually quite heartfelt, so since these awards are so comple


      [quote quote=1202781352] It’s going to be an interesting race for sure. Grant is the frontrunner, but being the obvious choice could very well be his undoing. Madden right now is clearly being groomed for some major Hollywood role, which may irrita

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      Started by:  wolfali

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    • WGA 2019 nominations

      Very shocked to not see Killing Eve, given that it was an Emmy nominee in writing. It’s not even n


      Nathan For You is my favorite win of the night. I had a feeling about it, but I regret moving it only from fifth to third. Mrs. Maisel was obviously too big, but I went with Barry anyways. The Homeland win is the real surprise, but the season wa

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      Started by:  Reis

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      Yeah. This is sad. But it makes sense. It's ok. Hopefully it's better than this season.


      [quote quote=1202780565]Was Matt Walsh in the trailer at all? Could he end up being guest eligible? [/quote] I mentioned here the idea of putting him in guest and giving a chance to Simons, so I'm hoping he indeed has a guest appearance. By the way,

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      Started by:  Reis

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    • HBO’s CRASHING: Season 3

      Synopsis for S3:E2 Crashing 18: The Temple Gig TV-MA|28 MIN AVAILABLE SUN, JAN 27 AT 7:10PM PT ON


      Madeline Wise has been amazing this season and should absolutely be a contender for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. This week’s episode (S3E5, “Mom & Kay”) had her clashing with Pete’s mom and she was excellent! Cras

      Started by:  ProfessorChaos

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    • Official SHAMELESS Thread (Season 9)

      Looking forward to it.I hope this season they cut the Ian bullshit,it´s really cringe worthy and bo


      And now Emmy Rossum's exit storyline is coming into focus. Fiona self-destructs on alcohol, is kicked out of the family house, and then goes to rehab? I hope that's as final as it gets with Fiona's departure.

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      Started by:  Atypical

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    • How to Get Away With Murder Season 5

      My friends and I have a theory (and take this all with a grain of salt since I really don't think we

      Luca Giliberti

      [quote quote=1202779623]Will Glynn Turman be nominated for an Emmy this year? He was really good on the show. He should get a Guest Actor nomination. [/quote] He deserves one, but I doubt it. He didn't make it in last year either

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      Started by:  Luca Giliberti

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