M FITNESS is the new vision in health club! Adapted from the tried and proven of big scale Health Clubs in BKK. M FITNESS aims to cater to a wide range of people including existing health club members, as well as people who may have not exercised for some time but want to become healthier. 

Capitalizing on the continued growth in the health and wellness sector in Thailand as well as the increasing discontent with mainstream large format health clubs, the Company sees its smaller and more personal brand of health clubs as a viable venture. M FITNESS is poised to capture a significant portion of the existing health market, as well as tapping into a section of the community yet to be engaged by other health club chains. 

The compact M FITNESS model is low risk, yet offers rapid expansion opportunities in areas larger club formats cannot access. Utilizing only 400 - 800 sqm per site, a total investment of only 9-20 mil baht is required to open M FITNESS

As such, the M FITNESS brand is a platform which can be expanded either by direct investment or through a franchising model, given its low investment, universally accepted concept, and ease of operation. Either path is viable. Which path we choose depends on various factors including market conditions as well as competitive forces. A hybrid path is also viable; however the preferred path from the outset is the organic expansion through direct investment.

The team we have assembled to execute the M FITNESS concept draws management, operational, sales and marketing skills from the fitness industry, service, finance, real estate, entertainment, and retail. The principal promoters have access to a wide range of talent from across many sectors and all have proven track records in building and developing successful teams in various fields of endeavor. 

ision Statement:

“M FITNESS” is a convenient, accessible, friendly, and non intimidating haven of happiness for members of all ages to improve their health, wellness, and happiness.

ission Statement:

“M FITNESS” aims to bring happiness to the lives of its members, guests and staff through the provision of clean, modern, comfortable, and convenient wellness facilities.  In addition, “M FITNESS” will strive to deliver the very best service to its members by selecting, training, and developing service minded and passionate fitness professionals. “M FITNESS” will at all times, treat its members, guests, staff, and business partners with respect and dignity.